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Does Your Diet Cause Acne? Latest Study Shows the Jury’s Still Out

Whether it’s chocolate, pizza, or sugary drinks, experts have been warning teens to avoid specific foods if they want to clear up their skin. The most recent and comprehensive study of acne tells us the simple answer is---nobody’s sure.

According to a comprehensive look at all the studies on food and breakouts published by the American Academy of Dermatology, “given the current data, no specific dietary changes are recommended on the management of acne.”

The Academy did give a nod, however, to some small studies which suggest that high glycemic index diets may be associated with acne. In our opinion, the studies were too small to have much relevance. Likewise, some “observational” studies were conducted to examine the role of dairy consumption and acne. The strongest association was noted in skim milk. Again, the study has been criticized because it relied on the memories of individuals rather than their current status.

We have always recommended and make a personal effort to adhere to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and lower in meat and simple carbohydrates, such as white rice, pasta and processed food. There are more than enough reasons to maintain a healthy eating plan, not the least of which is weight maintenance, reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes. For the present time, however, acne is not on the hit list.

Regardless of the cause, Acne, at any age can have a profound effect on self esteem and overall confidence. Dr. Kenet offers patients with acne a comprehensive and holistic approach to combat acne lesions, blackheads, redness and scarring. For more info or to schedule a consultation.

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