Our Story

Established in 2013, KenetMD is a dermatologist-developed skin care line whose founder, Barney Kenet, MD believes that attaining a healthy complexion doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Dr. Kenet has spent his career teaching patients that simple changes in their skin care routine produce noticeable results.

His passion for educating people about maintaining beautiful skin throughout their lives resulted in KenetMD Skin Care.

He and his wife Patricia Lawler Kenet began selling their products in his Upper East Side office to an exclusive clientele. It all began with m/Power Wash, a gentle, effective cleanser with Alpha Hydroxy Acids which was to be used on Mon/Wed/Fri and the counterpart Balancing Cleanser for Tue/Thur/Sat to restore and gently bring skin back to equilibrium. Since then, these two products have become cult favorites, garnering a fan base among Hollywood elite as well as those who are simply simply seeking the finest quality skin care.

This Weekly Way approach formed the basis for our “Cross Train Your Skin" practice.

The right combination of ingredients used intermittently and intelligently is the foundation for healthy, beautiful skin.

Our Promise

All KenetMD products are all manufactured in the United States. They are free of Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oils, Triclosan and Artificial Colors. 

KenetMD strives to source only clean ingredients and offers a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with any product.