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KenetMD's New Website: Empowering Your Skin Care

As the year winds down, we're excited to share our updated website. Besides the new look, we've added several new products, with a focus on head-to-toe care. We also worked on communicating our brand's message---Cross Train Your Skin and secondly, Empower Your Routine by simplifying.

Our core philosophy: We believe no single ingredient is the answer, but the right combination of ingredients used intelligently is magic. We believe in mindfully created products that work synergistically. We use clean ingredients that are never tested on animals.

Each product is the result of Dr. Kenet's vast clinical knowledge with proven formulations that will bring noticeable improvement to your skin

We are here to educate and engage you with simple effective ways to maintain beautiful healthy skin. Just as longevity advocates a "Healthspan" instead of a "Lifespan," KenetMD works with you to keep your skin looking soft and radiant as we age. We believe in the "Holy Trinity" of skin care---the three top choices---

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids
  • Active Retinoids
  • SPF

KenetMD M/Power Wash and Tresfoliating Pads deliver Alpha Hydroxy Acids; Active Retnoids can be found in Bio-Retinol P.M. and 24K Gold Serum. For SPF, try our cult favorite EnGarde SPF 30 and Perfect Shade SPF 30. If you want to keep it basic, KenetMD Skin Care Kits contain all you need for 7-day a week care.

We'd love to hear what you think of our new website.  

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