KenetMD Skincare Journal | Play it safe with cosmetics

Play It Safe with Cosmetics

A few tips to help you play it safe...
  • When purchasing cosmetics do not use open samples on display. In one survey of makeup counter samples in department stores, more than five percent were infected with fungus or other contaminants.
  • When having a makeover at a store, insist that the applicators being used are fresh disposable ones.
  • At home, discard any make up that is rancid or lost its consistency. As a general rule of thumb, discard eye cosmetics after six months and mascara after three months.
  • Never add liquid to restore a product’s original consistency. Adding other liquids can introduce bacteria.
  • Throw away all products you were using if you discover you have an eye infection. 
  • Do not store cosmetics above 85 degrees. Doing so can increase the risk of interfering with the preservatives that are used to control the growth of bacteria.

If you do contract an infection--reach out to your dermatologist for a look-see.

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