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The Secret Weapon of Skin Care: Cross Training

Weights one day, cardio the next. It makes perfect sense when you’re looking for a strong lean body. The same smart results-oriented philosophy now applies to your skin care. Dr. Barney Kenet, dermatologist and consultant to bold name beauties advises his patients to “Cross Train” their skin the same way they work on their muscles.

“I developed four products in the KenetMD Rejuvenating Skin Care Kit that work synergistically to create a real biological difference in skin cells,” said Dr. Kenet.

The kit is designed to keep you on track. Here’s how it works. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, cleanse your face with m/Power Wash, a unique blend of AHA’s in a botanical base. AHA’s are the gold standard for plumping collagen, evening out tone, and disrupting the aged appearance of skin. m/Power Wash gently strips away the top layer to reveal smoother skin. On a microscopic level, skin cells which were once like a disorganized pile of bricks become organized and even to reveal smooth, luminous skin. Using AHA’s too often or in too strong a concentration, however can lead to irritation that causes skin to peel, flake or turn red. KenetMD’s system takes that risk of redness & irritation out of the equation. That’s because on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, it’s KenetMD’s Balancing Cleanser. The soothing, gentle wash with soap-free, anti-inflammatory ingredients of aloe vera and sage restores your skin.

 “More is not always better,” said Dr. Kenet. “Using the same product everyday
causes ingredient fatigue and non-compliance. My system keeps you faithful to the
protocol. It’s like having a skin coach in your medicine cabinet."

On Sunday, KenetMD offers pH Polisher, a unique blend of exfoliants that scrub away dirt, excess oil and pollutants. It’s a once-a-week treatment that enhances the effects of AHA’s and Balancing Cleanser.

No skin care plan would be complete without sunscreen. And that’s why KenetMD includes En Garde Moisture SPF30 with Vitamin C. Use it every day to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB radiation while boosting skin repair with essential Vitamin C, shown to fight antioxidants.

KenetMD’s Cross Train system offers a plan that simplifies the sometimes confusing world of skin care. It is literally all you need to see visible results. The alternating plan delivers fantastic results that are easy and understandable. Four bottles, each offering a unique benefit that paves the way to glowing fresh skin.

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