How to AHA Exfoliators work Blog Post from Kenet MD Skincare Journal

How Do AHA's Work?

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are nontoxic fruit or food-based organic acids. AHAs include citric acid (lemons, limes), lactic acid ( dairy products), malic acid( apples), and tartaric acid (grapes, apricots, avocados, apples and sunflower seeds).

My two preferred types of AHAs are salicylic acid and glycolic. Glycolic acid, derived mainly from sugar, is the smallest molecular-sized a-hydroxy acid (AHA) and can penetrate the skin effectively. Salicylic acid, derived from willow bark, is also the main ingredient in aspirin. When used a a cleanser or cream on your skin, it loosens keratin (a protein that forms the structure of skin), therefore allowing thickened, scaly plaques of skin to shed more easily. It also decreases inflammation and prevents further breakouts.

When developing m-Power Wash for Acne,  Dr. Kenet wanted to create something that would reduce pimples, and blackheads while keeping skin from drying out and becoming red and irritated. Dr. Kenet hears positive feedback from his patients with acne, even adult acne, who see a major improvement in their skin.

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