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Skin Looking Spotty? Blame it on Pollution!

We’re all well aware the UV radiation from the sun is the number one skin culprit. But there’s a newly observed threat to our complexion that might make you think twice about living in a big crowded city. Recent research has established that particulate matter and noxious gases in air pollution stress the skin and contribute to signs of aging.

Across the globe about 90% of the population living in cities are exposed to traffic-related pollutants that exceed air quality guidelines. And the problem isn’t just out on the streets. In some areas, cooking with unclean fuels or inefficient technologies pollutes the indoors.

All of this pollution adds up to bad news for our skin. In a study of 400 Caucasian women by the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, scientists discovered that exposure to pollutants was significantly associated with skin aging. There was up to a 35% increase in lentigines (brown spots) for those who lived within 100 meters from a busy road.

The scientists concluded that “in addition to ultra violet radiation, skin stressors include ambient air pollution.”

While it may not be practical to move out of your city apartment, there are extra steps you can take to minimize wrinkles and brown spots--the negative effect that pollution has on our skin.

  • Cleanse Daily: Your first step is to remove pollutants and dirt from your skin through proper cleansing. Empower your daily routine with KenetMD's m/POWER WASH.
  • Moisturize & Protect: Moisturizers with SPF hydrate, provide antioxidant support and protect from damaging UV rays. And helps to create a barrier between your skin and pollutants. Here at KenetMD we like to say En GARDE (MOISTURE SPF 30) to pollution.

  • Exfoliate Weekly: A good scrubbing helps to deep clean your pores and remove the dirt, oil and debris. Treat yourself to our non-irritating, soothing and noncomedogenic Trésfoliating Pads once a week.

  • Load-Up On Antioxidants: They help to fend off free radical damage and can support healthy-looking skin when taken internally. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants is an excellent line of defense against the damaging effects of pollution.

  • Stay Hydrated: Water helps to flush toxins through your system and keep your skin (and entire body) healthy.

  • Smoke-Free: Stop smoking! Tobacco smoke induces skin aging by degrading collagen.

Are your brown spots getting you down? The good news is there are many treatment and product options available to help minimize your spots and get you looking your best. Call our office today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Kenet will be able to give you a personalized diagnosis and treatment plan that will get you on the right track to vibrant healthy skin.  

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