KenetMD Skincare Journal | 7 Ways to use Ice cubes to tame your skin

Ice, Ice, Baby: 7 Ways to Use Ice Cubes to Tame Your Skin

An ICE CUBE can do wonders for your skin. Here are 7 ways this FREE “treatment” works to make you put your best face forward.

1. Got an Itch?: It’s hard to control the urge to itch when your skin is begging for a scratch. But too much itching can lead to raw red skin. Instead of digging in with your nails, grab an ice cube and gently move it in a circular motion over the itchy area. Twenty seconds on, twenty seconds off for about a minute will do it.

2. Angry Red Pimples?: When a pimple just won’t go away and even cover up isn’t doing the trick, place an ice cube over it, pressing gently for twenty seconds, pat dry, and then apply concealer.

3. Banged Your Shin? Walked Into A Wall? It happens…and then comes the bruise. Apply an ice pack to the area as soon as possible to cut down on the bruise. Ice constricts blood vessels.

4. Sunburn? Ouch!: Mild to moderate sunburns can be relieved with a soothing ice cube. Be sure to be gentle and don’t leave the ice on for more than 15 seconds at a time. Add ice to your bathwater and soothe that skin.

5. Itchy Eyes?-A long day in front of the laptop screen, dust and dirt can lead to red itchy eyes. Dip a soft cloth into a bowl of milk and ice cubes. Place over the eyes and give yourself some downtime.

6. Bug Bites? Take the sting out of bug bites with a gentle application of ice.

7. Feeling Tired? Take a break with an ice pack across your forehead, think happy thoughts…you’ll look refreshed and beautiful.

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