KenetMD Skincare Journal | Shaving Legs Isn't Just For Women

Shaving Legs Isn't Just For Women

A recent Men’s Health Poll revealed that over half the men surveyed either trim down their leg hair or shave it off completely. If you’ve visited a gym in the last ten years, you’re probably not surprised to hear these statistics. Men who work out like to show muscle definition and women like what they see.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s important to shave smart to keep your skin healthy. Before you even pick up a blade, make sure you skin is well lubricated. Make it the last task of your shower or bath so hair follicles have a chance to plump up. If you have ingrown hairs, pre-treat with an exfoliator or AHA cleanser, like KenetMD pH Polisher or m/Power Wash.

When shaving use a light touch. Don’t bear down on the razor or you risk nicks and cuts. If you do nick your skin, rinse with cool water and apply pressure with a clean cloth until the bleeding stops. Pat dry and dab an antibiotic cream on the wound. Use a clean adhesive bandage over the area.

If all goes well otherwise, moisturize on damp skin. Avoid using moisturizers that contain excessive fragrance as this may irritate the skin.

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