Clarifying Skin Care Kit (Anti-Acne)


New & Improved!

We’ve re-engineered our 7-Day Skin Kits to provide targeted benefits and noticeable results. For skin that’s prone to breakouts, the Clarifying Skin Care Kit, offers an effective and easy-to-follow routine. m/Power Wash for Acne (Mon/Wed/Fri) and Balancing Cleanser (Tue/Thur/Sat) contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids to fight acne. Our Sunday Mud Mask is the perfect blend of ingredients to draw out impurities and clear pores of excessive oils. After washing, use our most-loved product, En Garde Moisture SPF 30 (Every Day) to keep skin protected and healthy with a boost of Vitamin C.

Kit Includes: 

  • m/Power Wash (Anti-Acne), 4 oz
  • Balancing Cleanser, 4 oz
  • Sunday Mud Mask, 2 oz
  • En Garde Moisture SPF 30, 2.5 oz

How It Works

For skin that tends to break out and is more on the oily side, KenetMD’s Clarifying Anti-Acne Kit provides a simple easy-to-follow plan.

Our  m/POWER WASH (ANTI-ACNE) is formulated with a slightly stronger concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, including super effective salicylic acid in an aloe vera base for use on MON / WED / FRI.

To keep your sensitive complexion from becoming red or irritated, alternate with our oil-free BALANCING CLEANSER on TUE / THUR / SAT. Its soothing ingredients will nourish and restore your complexion.

Take a moment for yourself on SUNDAY with the SUNDAY MUD MASK. This once-a-week treatment draws out impurities and clears pores of excess oil.

As with our Rejuvenation Anti-Aging Kit, no skin care plan would be complete without sunscreen. And that’s why the KenetMD Clarifying Anti-Acne Kit also includes EN GARDE MOISTURE SPF 30 with Vitamin C.